a. Employer
– HR/Business Consulting
Aakarshan International is an HR company that focuses on aligning people and training solutions to organizational objectives. The aim of Aakarshan is to provide clients with a ‘one stop’ HR/Business consultancy service. To do what we do, we integrate each client’s specific brief and our human resource expertise to prepare a package that best addresses their business needs.
– HR Outsourcing/Processes
• Maintenance of Data Bank
– Standby Employable Human Resources at any Given Time.
– Collection of CVs and Documents through Advertisement, Internal Networks and Internet Marketing.
• Consulting
With our HR expertise, we are qualified to provide unbiased need specific human resource consulting service. May you need some replacement workers, project specific human resource requiring a full fledged head hunting, or a big turnkey assignment, we do understand the requirement, provide professional advice, and provide human resources solutions as per your organization’s business needs.
• Short Listing/Screening
Because short listing/screening is by a competent set of HR professionals, we are always pleasantly left with a good group of employable candidates to begin from. We do CV selection and screening of the documents and check for compliance in regard to the requirement criteria given by the client.
• Interview
– Adherence to Employer’s Objective/s
– Expert Involvement
– HR Conclusion with the Right HR for Right Job
– Use of Modern Technology
The interviews we take in various situations such as for selection procedure, recruitment, pre-deployment are designed in such a way to conclude our best HR practices and select the right candidate for our employers.

We also arrange for interview using modern technologies, such as video conferencing, Skype, video chat, etc.

• Medical Examination:
We carry out thorough medical examination from authorized medical centers to ensure that the selected candidate is medically fit.
• Orientation:
Briefing of job description, company policies, government policies/regulations and making familiar of the culture/religion,etc
• Placement:
Promptly deploying the selected candidates meeting the regulatory/statutory requirement of the government and the client’s business needs, including workers’ insurance for employment period.
• Training
We train eligible human resources for the necessary skills and/or as per the needs and stipulation of the employers.