Director General

Department of Foreign Employment

Kathmandu, Nepal


Dear Sir/Madam,




I do hereby undertake to recruit the following Nepalese workers to work under our Company license no. …………………… dated ………………..


Source Country Nepal
Total No. of Workers …….. (Male/Female)
Name of Manpower Agency in Nepal AAKARSHAN INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD.
Age 18 to 40 years
Validity of Employment Contract Two (3) years
Minimum Basic Wages/Salary* RM900 per month (RM34.62 / 8 hrs per day * 26 days)


Overtime Rates Normal Days:    Salary X 1.5

Sunday:             Salary X 2

Public Holiday: Salary X 3

Minimum Guaranteed Salary RM 900.00
Normal Working Hours 8 hours/ day
Normal Working Days 26 days/ month
Medical Benefits Shall be provided by the Employer in accordance with the Malaysian Labour Law including annual medical examination as required by the Immigration Department.
Accommodation & Security Shall be provided near the working area by the employer with the supply of electricity & water, basic cooking utensils and bedding. Security must be provided to all workers. Especially for female workers, female warden must be provided round the clock.
Transportation Shall be provided by the employer
Insurance (FWCS) Provided by employer under Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme (FWCS) throughout the employment period
Bank Guarantee Payable to Immigration Department of Malaysia with validity of 18 months, RM750 per person (by the employer)


Job Guarantee

I guarantee that the workers will be employed with my company for the whole contract period. Due to unforeseen reason, if my company is unable to provide jobs to the workers, my company shall continue to pay the workers a minimum salary of RM 900.00 per month.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,

…………….. Sdn. Bhd.




Company’s Chop


*    For Security Guards, the Minimum salary shall not be less than RM 950 as basic for the given working hours and overtime should be paid extra as per the Rule of Government of Malaysia.