Our CSR Initiatives

As being in a service industry of Nepal since 30th June, 2005 for more than ten years, Aakarshan International Pvt. Ltd. has been also believes in giving back to the society where it belongs, while complying with local, national and international laws and regulations and operating the business.

Here are a few of the things we do as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • To conduct Awareness Programs related to safe and managed foreign employment.
  • To sponsor in various social and youth development activities.
  • To donate our contributions for relief causes—to natural disasters and to the people affected from various political and social unrest.
  • To conduct Blood Donation Program periodically.
  • To establish welfare fund for workers.  

To implement the company’s CSR Programs, Aakarshan Management is always looking forward to have such activities based on advise, suggestion and recommendation from its staffs or stakeholders.


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