Checklist for Notarial /Embassy Attested Document:

For full set, please download from our official website;

  1. Notarial Certificate / Embassy Attestation documents (Covering Letter)
  2. Demand Letter
  • Should mention Nepal Agency name with full address
  • Recruiting License No. 609/062/063 should mention with full address
  • Recruitment cost is paid /not paid by the employer (must specify) Clause no. 12
  1. Employment Contract
  • Should mention the descriptive salary details, clause no. 3
  1. Power of Attorney
  • Should mention the same date  throughout the documents
  1. Commitment Letter
  • As per our format
  1. Commitment letter for service Charge
  • As per our format
  1. Affidavit/Sworn Statement
  • As per our format
  1. Company Agreement
  • As per our format
  1. Letter of Undertaking
  • As per our format
  1. Letter to Embassy
  • As per our format
  1. Letter to Ministry of Labor, Nepal
  • As per our format
  1. KDN
  • KDN copy and translation (English) copy, certified by MOFA must be in same date.
  • Mofa Stamp should be original on both copies (Malay/English)
  1. Attested copy of Director’s Citizenship
  2. Employer Company’s Registration License (Form 24, Form 49, M & A)
  3. Employer’s Brochures, Profiles, Photographs of products, Hostel, Canteen etc.


Note: Please make sure that, following points must be addressed in the documents

  1. Every single page must be printed in the company letter head
  2. Date must be same throughout the documents
  3. Signature must be same and have company chop throughout the documents.