Company Agreement


This agreement is signed between…………………………………………. (hereafter called the first party) and AAKARSHAN INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD., Aakarshan Building Kalimatidole, (Near Airport), Kathmandu, Nepal (hereafter called the second party) under the following terms and conditions as on:

  1. This agreement will be valid for 3 years from the date of agreement between the two parties.


  1. The second party will send the bio-data, medical report, photo (4 copies) and the passport photocopy of Nepali workers to the first party within 15 working days from the date of this agreement. The first party will send the original Calling Visa to the second party within a maximum of 4-6 weeks from the date of getting the medical report, photos (4 copies) and passport photocopies. The second party will send the workers within 2-4 weeks of getting the original Calling Visa.


  1. The second party will send the list of the workers with profile to the first party as per conditions laid down in the Demand Letter dated………………..


  1. The payment of Government Levy will be as per prevailing laws in Malaysia. Any other relevant fees and charges in respect to Nepalese workers/security guards shall be borne by the employer.


  1. The second party will send the workers to the first party in accordance with the above mentioned terms.


  1. The first party must provide the necessary documents like demand letters, power of attorney, company registrations of the first party and license of the company to the second party.


  1. The first party must provide all facilities to the workers as written in the Demand Letter. The first party will be fully responsible for everything while the workers are working with or under first party.


  1. All the other terms and conditions should comply with existing Nepalese/Malaysian Labour Laws.


The First Party,                                                                       The Second Party,


Employer’s Authorised Signature                                          Signature:

Name:                                                                                      Name:

Designation:                                                                            Designation:


Company’s Seal:                                                                     Company’s Seal

Date:                                                                                       Date: