On behalf of the company, I do hereby declare the following to recruit workers from Nepal:


  1. The payment of Government Levy will be as per prevailing laws in Malaysia. Any other relevant fees and charges in respect to Nepalese workers/security guards shall be borne by the employer.
  2. I will not engage any agent to renew the passport / work permits of the employees. I myself or an authorised officer of our company will undertake all the necessary steps for this purpose.
  3. All the Nepal workers recruited for our company will be received on the same day, without fail, by us on their arrival at the KLIA airport.
  4. I will pay the salaries of the workers for the rest of the contractual period if they are terminated prior to the contractual period for any reasons other than health and disciplinary ground.
  5. I guarantee that our company will not apply and cancel the work permit of any worker if he/she lodges any complaint with relevant Malaysian authority pertaining to his/she rights and privileges until the matter is settled by the authority concerned.
  6. I will not make any deduction from the wages of the workers contravening to the existing Employment Act 1955 and Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme of Malaysia.
  7. I will arrange the visit of Embassy official(s) to the work places and workers’ hostel with prior information from the embassy to look into the welfare of the Nepali workers.
  8. If any employee is terminated on health reasons, he will be repatriated at the expense of the employer and if the employee is terminated on disciplinary grounds, he will be repatriated at his own cost.
  9. I will ensure repatriated of sick / disabled workers whatsoever may be the cause of disability / sickness at the expense of the company.
  10. I will ensure security of the workers in their workplace and in the hostel.
  11. If any worker dies on the way to work, during the work and on the way back from work to the hostel, I will arrange repatriation and will pay compensation as laid down in existing Foreign Workers Compensation Scheme.
  12. I hereby agree and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated in the Attestation Documents.


I am fully aware and understand the terms and conditions in the Attestation Documents and I will not under any circumstances whatsoever alter or amend the terms and conditions in the Attestation Documents in any way whatsoever and if I do so I agree to accept all liabilities whatsoever arising from my action in varying the terms and conditions stipulated therein.


I hereby agree that in the event of failure to comply with the above, the aggrieved worker may seek redness from the relevant authority in Malaysia.



Employer’s Authorised Signature                      Attested in the country of employment by:

  1. Name:
  2. Designation: Embassy of Nepal in Kuala Lumpur
  3. NRIC No.:

Company’s Chop: